New session 2013-14 started with ‘Hawan’

The New Session Started with ‘Hawan’ on 28th March 2013. All the students actively Participated in the Hawan Ceremony. Principal, Didi Brahmrita Ji showed her blessings on the students for their bright future. She also instructed them to follow the path of truth, reality, humanity and Kindness with love.

Why Havan in the beginning of the session?

Havan is performed in the beginning of the session and on all the auspicious occasions as on 'Birthday of students & on special festivals. It is performed for internal growth, purity, health, long life and for purifying the surroundings. It is also conducted to express and ignite love and respect towards all natural assets, to be in nature’s surrender, to understand ones thoughts and feelings and above all to achieve and evolve a psychic state, which only thinks of the welfare of others, to expand ones thought to make it universal. All these are possible by consistently performing havan.