Shri SHATCHANDI Mahayagya & Virat Sant Samelan (Nov. 28 to Dec. 2, 2012)

There is no God above Maa Bhagwati in this Universe. This Mahayagya of Maa Bhagwati can be accomplished after sacred deeds of so many births. People of Abohar were lucky enough that it is with the utmost grace and blessings of Rev. Maa Bhagwati and with profound kindness of most holy Gurudev Brahmrishi Vishwatma Bawra Ji Maharaj that SHATCHANDI Mahayagya was solemnized by the International Brahmrishi Mission in the school premises from Nov. 28, 2012 to Dec. 2, 2012 to invoke the blessings of Maa Bhagwati for students, staff & people of Abohar & surrounding area at large. According to sacred Holy books; the place where such Mahayagya is organized the environment of the surrounding is lighted up with Satoguna and positive thinking. Anybody associated with this environment gets his/her desires fulfilled. This is a real fact.


Respected Didi Brahmrita showered blessings to the mammoth gathering. Swami Krishan Kanta ji Maharaj , Head of International Brahmrishi Mission and prominent saints of the Mission graced the occasion and showered their benign blessings in abundance.