Scheme of Studies


Course Contents


English, Arithmatics, Hindi Rhymes, G.K., Art & Craft


English, Hindi, Arithmatics. G.K., Art & Craft

1 to V

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Math, E.V.S., Computer Education, G.K., Art & Craft, Moral Education


English, Hindi, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Punjabi/Skt., Computer Science and G..K.


Secondary Level



1. English Course -A (Communicative English)

2. Hindi Course- A /Punjabi Course-A
3. Mathematics
4. Science with Practicals
5. Social Sciences

Work Experience in Physical & Health Education, Computer Science & Art Education (Internal Exam.) 



Senior Secondary Level



Science Stream (Medical & Non-Medical Group)
1. English Core Compulsory
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. Biology/Math
5. Computer Science/Physical Education

Commerce Stream
1. English Core Compulsory
2. Economics
3. Accountancy
4. Business Studies
5. Computer Science/Maths/Physical Education.

Inter Arts Stream
1. English core (Compulsory)
2. Economics
3. Maths
4. Hindi/Punjabi
5. Computer Science
6. Physical Education
7. Pol. Science/History