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The Sadan Layout & Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities To develop a sense of co-operation, self confidence, obedience, punctuality & humanity, co-curricular activities play a major role. To discover the innate qualities of the children and for promoting cultural activities, whole school is divided into six houses, viz Chankaya House, Bhagat Singh House, Luxmi Bai House, Abhimanyu House, Eklavya House and Panini House. Each house has been named after the name of some renowned personality. cultural-new2Various inter-house competitions are organised from time to time. Functions are arranged on auspicious days like the birthdays of eminent personalities, teachers day and children day etc. Below mentioned activities are organised to assess different skills :

Scientific Skills : Science Quiz, Science Exhibition, Olympiads, Maths Activities & Projects.

Aesthetic Skills : Music, Dance, Drama, Rangoli, Mehandi, Flower Arrangement etc.

Literary and Creative Skills:Debates, Declamations, Creative Writing, Recitation, Essay Writing, Poster making, Slogan Writing & Drawing.